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Fri, 25 July 2014
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The Greatest Atlanta Hawks of All Time

on 25 February 2012 00:00:00
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The Atlanta Hawks have had 5 name changes in the history of the team. The final name change came in 1968 when they officially became the Atlanta Hawks. In 1958 the Hawks won their only NBA title. They also have four conference and a division title to

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I-526 Material Change Clause E..

on 24 July 2014 20:47:49
In finances
The USCIS has established that, once an I-526 petition has been filed and rejected, the petitioner may not “materially change” the proposal presented in the original petition. The question is, “What does that mean?” Let&rsquo

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US Intelligence: No Evidence R..

on 24 July 2014 23:19:53
In world
After days of placing hostile blame for the downing of the Malaysian airliner on Russia, the White House permitted US intelligence officials to tell reporters that there is no evidence of the Russian government’s involvement. Obviously, the US

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Greater Burlington Partnership..

on 24 July 2014 20:30:11
In Business
Burlington, IA – Site Location Partnership (SLP), a Dallas-based site selection consulting firm, announced that it has been awarded a contract to provide business recruitment marketing services to the Greater Burlington Partnership (GBP) and wo

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From Dorm Room to C-Suite: NYU..

on 24 July 2014 20:17:08
In Business
In the fall of 2012, NYU Sophomore Joseph Stornelli made a bold decision - he quit school to follow his passion for technology. In 2011 he had started an iPhone repair shop out of his dorm room, building a database of contacts as he worked on consum

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Natural Solution To Kidney Dis..

on 24 July 2014 20:05:19
In Health
The step-by-step program has been proven to help people eliminate kidney disease in a natural manner without using harmful drugs or complicated surgery. The Kidney Disease Solution has become a hot topic on the internet. People are talking about the

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33FightClip - Social Media for..

on 14 July 2014 20:30:19
In Sports
33FightClip is the perfect mix of Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube creating an awesome social media website for fighters and fans 33FightClip is born out of the frustration of fighters not being able to be found, or wasting time finding a fight partne

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    Edgar Allan Poe Reveals to Psychic the Truth Beyond the Grave
    on 24 July 2014 19:19:13

    Always reluctant to be known as a psychic, Kristy Robinett always had helpers in spirit but is shocked when, at the age of thirteen, literary genius and madman Edgar Allan Poe introduces himself to her as an unlikely spirit guide. In her new book,&n
    Oklahoma's Rodrick Malone Releases Debut Album
    on 23 July 2014 19:45:52

    Rodrick Malone has spent a lifetime refining his artistry and is ready to drop his debut mixtape this July. A lifelong musician, Rod’s inspiration stems from the greats who came before, including Wu-Tang Clan, NAS, Led Zepplin, Lupe Fiasco and
    Worldwide Groove Corporation Begin the -Year of the Groove-
    on 23 July 2014 19:07:54

    Nashville, TN, USA  - It's a new era in independent music distribution, and Nashville's electronic power duo are going large and taking charge. After 7 years of incubating their own music, Worldwide Groove Corporation are busting out of the st
    J.J. Staples Debut Novel Exposes Harsh Realities of Childhood Sexual Abuse
    on 22 July 2014 20:13:26

    Silver spring, MD, - “Deflowered Lyric,” a first novel by J.J. Staples, released today by Beckham Publications Group, www.beckhamhouse.com explores the trauma faced by childhood victims of sexual abuse. “Childhood sexual abuse is a


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