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Wed, 27 August 2014
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The Greatest Atlanta Hawks of All Time

on 25 February 2012 00:00:00
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The Atlanta Hawks have had 5 name changes in the history of the team. The final name change came in 1968 when they officially became the Atlanta Hawks. In 1958 the Hawks won their only NBA title. They also have four conference and a division title to

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Fairmont FX at Managed-Forex-A..

on 27 August 2014 03:38:04
In finances
Fairmont FX trader being a forex manager for high net worth individuals does now help an increasing number of savvy investors to to take advantage of his standard  conservative trading leverage by a factor of x2. The good news ist hat until end

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Fate of Europe left undecided ..

on 26 August 2014 21:33:36
In world
For several months now, among the largest in-focus conflicts on the planet has been the violent revolts and the civil war within the borders of Ukraine. Starting with the Euromaidan and subsequent anti-Maidan protests back late last year, tensions r

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on 27 August 2014 03:41:28
In Business
New Website Makes Finding Reputable Repairman Clickable 5 Star Air Conditioning in Southern California takes the guess work out of getting air conditioning repair and makes it as easy as going online with a few clicks of a button with their newly la

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TakeOff Running slated to be t..

on 26 August 2014 19:21:33
In Business
Columbia, SC--  While Development Innovations has just released it’s newest version on Google Play, there certainly is more to come. The release of TakeOff Running on Apple and Amazon app stores is going to be the biggest news yet. Develo

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Ebola death toll well past 100..

on 22 August 2014 02:16:30
In Health
First Guinea, then West Africa – at a current death toll of approximately 1350, this year’s Ebola virus outbreak is the worst since the virus’ discovery in 1976.  December 2013, in the village of Meliandou, Guinea. A young boy

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Will EB-5 Keep the Rays in Tam..

on 22 August 2014 21:21:17
In Sports
There is no question in anyone’s mind in central Florida that the Tampa Bay Rays need a new stadium. Politicians, residents and, especially, baseball fans agree. The problem they have is how to finance a new stadium. Sports stadiums have tradi

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    Stargazer Literary Prizes announces the August Finalists winners
    on 26 August 2014 20:31:23

    Tantric Coconuts by New York Times bestselling author Greg Kincaid is a finalist in the Visionary & Metaphysical Fiction category. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance meets Life of Pi in this quirky spiritual journey across the wild highway
    New Song -Candyland- by Singer-Songwriter Tabitha Elkins Goes Viral
    on 26 August 2014 20:11:30

    Frankfurt, Germany -- “I didn’t expect so many views,” says Elkins, the musical artist behind the viral anti-war video ‘Candyland’. The music video is quickly climbing in views as seen on her official YouTube page. Prod
    AMCs Breaking Bad gets 4 Emmys 2014 Primetime TV Awards
    on 26 August 2014 04:42:16

    It’s a Monday in August, and the Emmys are here. Quite unusually so, seeing as how traditionally the event was held in September. However, one broadcasting event is making a September Sunday Emmy Awards an impossibility – the beginning of
    Nina Bolen Announces the Launch of Happy Dragons!
    on 15 August 2014 19:40:33

    Tyler, TX – The Whimsical Art of Nina Bolen is excited to announce the launch of Happy Dragons, a new line of cute collectable dragon figures that will offer a well-made product, that is highly collectable. The official launch date for Happy Dr


    The ice bucket challenge is a one-hit wonder: The cold, hard truth
    on 24 August 2014 23:42:08
    Workbook makes Job & Career Transitions Easy Using Your Life Purpose DNA
    on 18 August 2014 04:50:44
    Robin Williams death maybe drug related
    on 12 August 2014 19:26:49
    Atlanta's Newest Reality TV Star Shaunda Beatty To Star On Discovery ID
    on 12 August 2014 02:00:09
    Tips for a Better Lifestyle
    on 05 August 2014 17:22:28
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